Who Am I?


Multi-instrumentalist musician and composer, one of the precursors of the Indy music scene in São Paulo's countryside city of Jundiaí in the early 90s, having produced several bands that, at the time, helped to label the city as “The Brazilian Seattle”.


Graduated in music, audio engineering and production platforms at SAE Institute, London Academy of Film Media and TV, Alchemea College of Audio Engineering, Berklee Music Institute, Centro Universitário Claretiano and Universidade de São Paulo.


Music producer, sound engineer, mixing and mastering engineer at Cantara Lab, lecturer in music production at Ban Electronic Music Center and consultant in acoustics at BrazilPro Engenharia.


3 Hombres, Carne Doce, Steve Hackett, Machines Dream, Leo Tomassini, Apostles of Chaos, Catalyst*R, Maze of Sound, Laélia, Inu The Strange, Os Ritmistas, Fernanda Porto, Mário Xará, Mari Dalla Vecchia, IT, JP Ayub, Faustão na Band (Rede Bandeirantes) and Conversa Com Bial (Rede Globo) are some of many credits.


Strongly influenced by Prog Rock, Art Rock, Post Punk, Synth Pop, Ambient, Industrial, EBM, Jazz and Electronica.


Founder member, composer and musician in the bands Violent Attitude If Noticed, The Opposite of Hate and Death by Visitation of God as well as solo artist.