Audio Work


I started my career in audio during the 90’s before digital domain became the last word into music and post production.


From the year 2000 and for almost a decade I chose to live in the UK working towards my academic background studying audio engineering and production platforms in some of the greatest colleges with lecturers who are well known in the music industry.


Back in Brazil, I started Cantara Lab, a facility mainly focused on post production, mixing and mastering. 


Inu The Strange, Machines Dream, Leo Tomassini, Steve Hackett, Mari Dalla Vecchia, 3 Hombres, Carne Doce, The Gilbertos, Laélia, Fernanda Porto, Mário Xará, The Overdrive Club, Os Ritmistas, Odd Man Out, MD Dunn, Catalyst*R and Edison's Children are some of the names I had the pleasure to work with.


As a mixing engineer and sound designer for two of the greatest TV shows in Brazil, Conversa com Bial (Rede Globo) and Faustão na Band (Rede Bandeirantes) I was able to contribute to the post production and musical mixing of great names such as Fafá de Belém, Demônios da Garoa, Wynton Marsalis, Djavan, Martinho da Vila,  Lulu Santos, Guilherme Arantes, Rádio Taxi, Roupa Nova, Sérgio Reis and many others.


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