Will Geraldo


It all started in 1988. The first instrument (a pretty bad and awful sounding electric bass), first band, first composition.


It has been quite some journey and my music reflects just that. Whenever I feel that certain songs don't really fit in any of the other bands I'm in, I tend to bring these songs to my solo work. I never really worry about the genre and in fact, I've learnt that this is exactly how my music should be: genreless! 


My personal influences in music and literature have brought me to where I am and some of them are:


Tom Jobim, Roberto Menescal, Alan Wilder, Brian Eno, João Gilberto, Miles Davis, Jean-Michel Jarre, Peter Gabriel, Nick Cave, Steve Hogarth, David Bowie, Clive Barker, Stephen King, Oscar Wilde, Fish and Neil Gaiman.


All these influences combined with my love for producing music and sounds come quite handy when writing soundtracks or designing sounds.


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