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I simply love talking about what makes me happy and that's music, audio and technology. Try then imagine taking all these subjects to people who want to know about them and are just as passionate as I am.


Having had the opportunity to study in some great colleges with inspiring teachers I always try to bring the same inspiration to my students and listeners. ECA-USP, UFSM, DJ Ban EMC, Audio BrazilPro and Synthex SP are some of the places in which I have taught.


On the mixing front I have a beautiful and really well produced online course. Check it out here for more info.


Get in touch here if you want to arrange:


  • VIP classes
  • Online classes
  • Consultancy
  • Crash courses
  • Symposiums
  • Speeches
  • Workshops in music production, mixing, mastering, audio technology, acoustics and production platforms


For more information on my academic background, check out here


Mixing Course

For Music Production


VIP Classes, Consulting, Crash Courses, Speeches, Workshops